Drag Racing With Power Tools

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Combine two things we love — power tools and drag racing — and you'll get the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing Championship. It's a bunch of nutters racing chopsaw and chainsaw-powered go karts for fame and glory.


They say if it moves, men will race it and here the axiom is in its truest form. Meaty power tools were never meant to go drag racing, and yet after strapping six Makita cutting wheel motors together for 36-hp total, it makes complete sense. Toolstation's "Bolt Lightning" is just one example of the crazy concoctions invented for this British series and it's actually pretty fast — top speed's about 70 mph. Go forth, power tool hoons, and make awesomness. [SWNS]


I can't help but thing that if all the energy wasted on these kinds of pointless things were devoted to a single goal we'd have things like flying cars, proper space stations and maybe even faster-than-light travel by now.