Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Bought To You By... An SUV

As consumers continue to think and buy green, our favorite carmakers will want in on that scene. And what quicker way is there to bait that sales hook than with the upcoming film of a favorite eco-book?


With The Lorax soon coming to the big silver screen (and since movie tie-ins mean another kind of green) Mazda is offering its CX-5 SUVs (or CUVs) as the official ride to see truffula trees. Although SKYACTIV tech is an impressive feat, the CX still ain't the greenest thing on the street.

So we'll appreciate the thought and not lay blame or fault, but you should probably take the ad with a big grain of salt.


Patrick George

The cartoonified SUV here looks like the Juke R. Anyone else see that?