Dr. Haynes Presents His 100% Green UFO

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Having invested heavily in Jeep slogans and thereby multiplied our sales by four times, we're happy to learn that space travel is going green. Dr. Doug Haynes, of Blue Ridge Airlines, is pleased to announce that he's created the first 100% green form of space travel. The non-polluting Haynes Saucer UFO (a.k.a. the Jetson Mobile), is the answer to all of our spaceflight dreams for 2008. We haven't taken a ride in the Jetson Mobile, so we can't comment on their Cotomer Sevis. The way things are going, we may see this before we see the Zap Alias. Crazy rant below the jump.

Dr. Haynes goes 100% Green by sending his UFO into 2008

Dr. Doug Haynes joins many other "earth first" human inhabitants in leading the word into the righteous path of existence by creating the first 100% non-polluting atmospheric and outer space flying machine. Dr. Doug E Haynes recognizes that his aviation and aerospace industry has been a major production contributor in the destructive over creation of CO2 greenhouse gasses and as its leader he successfully moves to reverse this damaging behavioral pattern by creating a 100% Green flying space car.

Back in 2003, on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight, Dr. Haynes demonstrated to the FAA, AST and millions of spectators around the world the superior capabilities of his non-polluting Haynes Saucer UFO looking prototype flying machine. Doug's Saucer easily displayed the ability to out fly all current civilian / military VTOL, STOL, and conventional flying devices such as aircraft and helicopters and spacecraft on television and video tape. The Haynes Saucer also displayed the amazing ability to fly forward and backward at the same speed without expelling any green house enhancing gasses making it the vehicle of preference for the 21st century.

As others who have migrated to America from Europe and South America try to take false credit for being the first to establish a FAA/ AST registered spaceline company Dr. Haynes and his Blue Ridge Nebula Spaceline rganization moves on to connect their state of the art, UFO, non-polluting technology to his newly developed flying car /space shuttle vehicle (Jetson Mobile).

So as the leader of the civilian passenger/cargo space transpiration industry Dr. Doug Haynes once again points the way to the right path for us all, and prays that we all strive to work together as one people on earth to clean up our mistakes ASAP.

Come celebrate 2008 with Dr. Haynes, the first to create a 100% Green flying car /spaceship, and his Blue Ridge Spaceline management team, the true initiators of the civilian passenger / cargo space flight transportation industry, while we show off our stuff and teach the youth of Colorado the true path to success.

As always God bless you all