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Dennis Palatov and his cadre of motorsports engineers have been working feverishly on their DB1 adult go-kart since it was a mere cocktail-napkin sketch back in 2002. If you'll recall, Palatov dreamed up an all-wheel-drive, single seat track car, powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine and weighing in the sack-of-flour range. The team hit a milestone earlier this week, the exciting "driving the chassis in the parking-lot" stage. Palatov waxes philosophical:

A birth is an end of one process and a beginning of another. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm looking forward to it. Sometimes it's nice to have confirmaion that there just might be a method to my madness. For now the dp1 sits in the shop, resting. It was pointed out to me that it's a used car now. It's a good feeling.


Cue the theme from "Rocky." [Hat tip to wohho!]

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