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Down With Big Brother: Magical Mirror Sticks It To the Man

Illustration for article titled Down With Big Brother: Magical Mirror Sticks It To the Man

Our fraternal site that likes gadgets the way we love cars (i.e. more than girls) is reporting that a new GPS-powered mirror will help you avoid traffic cameras. The new GPS mirror – creatively called the "GPSmirror" – will also store and alert you to the location of red light cameras, construction zones, and hooker radar hot spots. The alerts can be beeps, flashes or actual spoken words. We're imagining, "Hey! Slow down, rummy." Maybe that last bit is just us... The cost? About three hundred bones. And, considering our last ticket set us back to the tune of $768 (long story), this might not be the worst investment you could make.


GPSMirror Helps You Avoid Speeding Tickets [via Gizmodo] GPSmirror [cheetah]


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@Downtown Joe: Absolutely. Scottsdale, AZ has a ton of 'em on the freeway. Most of Phoenix has them sprinkled throughout big intersections.

I really don't mind intersection lights, I've never seen them snap anyone who wasn't being a real asshole, but the freeway lights are just ridiculous. Everyone floors it until the next flasher and suddenly slams on their brakes.