You've seen the Telluride Marine Sniper VW Bus, but that wasn't the only vintage German machine I photographed while I was 9,000 feet up in the Rockies.

The locals claim that this is the mountain Coors uses as the model for their beer labels. See, traveling makes you worldly!


If you're going to drive up Mount Adolph Coors, you'll probably want to take one of these Anglo-Swiss war wagons.

And here's the last vehicle you'd choose for crashing down a 60%-grade mountain fire road. It should be pretty fun on the local twisty highways, though turbocharging is definitely recommended at this oxygen-challenged elevation.


When's the last time you saw one of these things? Without the Red Bull can, that is.


How's this for one of the most evil-looking Porsche 356s you've ever seen? The stock VW Type 1 muffler is sort of disappointing, but the body is definitely not fiberglass. Real 356 with temporary VW engine? 356 Clone with custom aluminum body? Purist-enragin' rat-rodified Porsche/VW mashup? Whatever it is, we approve!