Douche Wrecks Mercedes McLaren SLR, Thus Is Born "SLR Guy"

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Let's say you're out in the Italian countryside with your bestest, wealthy car collector buddy and he lets you behind the wheel of a $600,000 Mercedes McLaren SLR. Of course, being a douche, you'll find it necessary to take a shot of yourself in front of said SLR posing in your most douche-like stance after you've just wrecked it into a pile of bricks. Yes, you are that guy. Seeing as this bright young chap's "after" picture is readily photoshoppable, we believe it's time to create a legend out of this d-bag — this — "SLR Guy." Below you'll find how you can help — as well as our own crack at showing off our newly-found P-shop skills.


We've provided everything you need, oh master of the imagery arts, to develop this man — who we will forever refer to as "SLR Guy" — into comedic gold. HERE you will find the original image, readily available for download. When you're done — send them to me at and the best choices will be provided for our readership to vote on. Go forth and be bold, our ninjas of the funny, and history will smile sweetly upon you. (Kyle is a tipster God)