DOTS-O-Rama Sunday: Holden Ute

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We've been receiving DOTS Bonus Edition photos at a rate faster than we can post them at the current pace, so today we're going to have a special Bonus DOTS-O-Rama Sunday, with a series of vehicles captured in the wild by our readers. Today's theme will be Down On The California Street, and the first machine is this Holden ute that Froggmann found in Anaheim. How many California cities can you name that started out as a German utopian colony, had an all-KKK city government, and then became the happiest place on earth? Just one! Make the jump to see all the photos and read Froggmann's description.

Last week while driving through my old neighborhood in Anaheim, CA, I saw this parked over in an industrial parking lot. Yes I know it's cheating but given the expiration date of the plate this car has not moved in a while (Expired in 94). It looks factory but I have been having a hard time finding an example online to verify. Anyways, onto what it is... THis appears to be an 84ish Holden Stateman Caprice. Basically a Aussieamino on US soil. This one appears to be pretty well optioned for a "truck" of its vintage but that just makes it a little bit cooler.