Back to Ontario we go, to the town of Oakville, where Skunkworkz found this mysterious truck with Chinese characters on the side and an innovative front airdam/cowcatcher. Anyone have any theories about the function of that proboscis? Jump to read Skunkworkz' observations.

Attached is a Truck I found in a Canadian Tire parking lot in Oakville Ontario, Canada while I was on lunch getting a
fan belt for my car. I Had to take a picture of it with my cell phone. The Chinese writing caught my eye and the fact
that it looks like it came out of an old Jackie Chan movie, With bad dubbing and all.

Didn't want to get to close just in case it really was Jackie Chan's truck and he might kick my ass for laughing at
it... Never know.. haha

Gotta love the welded on hand made.... cow catcher on the front? WTF is that about?