Time to go west again, as we check out this 1953-55 International Harvester pickup captures by General Dearthair MacArthur. Since he could only get two shots (read the explanation post-jump), he included a Bonus Saab for us.

Thought I'd share shots of the sweet beast parked outside my workplace today. I took a whole whack of photos, but the cameraphone seems to have trouble when taking shots into the sun. Or towards the sun. Or facing west. Or during daylight, darkness, movement, moments of happiness, sadness, while smoking, while drinking, while breathing… you get the idea.

So to compensate for only supplying two mediocre shots, I included a shot of an absolutely beautiful old Saab that bumbled past us in Vancouver. I know, who cares… but the point is, this was in the middle of shooting a scene of Smallville. (If you notice in the background, there are movie-car definitely-not-RCMP-standard-issue Charger police cars as part of the scene.) The roads are blocked, the building has been redressed for Luthorcorp, the cameras are rolling…. and in the middle of it all, this Saab goes around the roadblocks and right into the camera's way. "CUT!" Nobody seemed to mind, because it sounded like it was brand new, and looked like it drove that way too. Reeeeespect.

And now it's time to listen to a tune from north of the border!

Our friends from Texas do a good version as well: