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DOTS Geneva: Citroen 2CV

Illustration for article titled DOTS Geneva: Citroen 2CV

We haven't run the numbers, but there is an assumption the Citroen 2CV makes a decent showing when scored by our official guidelines. We caught this one parked alongside the Eglise Russa (Russian Church) and couldn't help but snap away like it was freshly unveiled. The French horse was tucked in tight and of course passers by assumed we were either French or insane while standing in the road admiring its underpowered glory.


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I'm low, you're high :). Its really a sedan, not a convertible, and I don't know about those throttle bodies either, its just one carb sitting on top of a y shaped manifold. Suicide doors reach back to about 1960, so I can't really give it all those 50 points for antiquity. But I'd call it about 280. Its great!