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Don't Tase Me After 40 Seconds, Bro!

We used to think tasers were kinda cool. Now, we kinda don't want any law enforcement officer, especially highway patrol, to carry them. We feel like maybe there's been too many instances in the past few years of over-zealous patrolmen (and women) using them too often. Like the above example. 40 seconds before tasing? Isn't that just a bit much, bro?

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Correct procedure:

Pull far over to allow the officer plenty of room

Turn off the engine - roll the window down first if you have power windows.

Keep the hands on the wheel as the officer approaches.

Be polite. He perceived a good reason to pull you over and has lots of training in spotting and understanding what those reasons are. He has to put up with assholes all day; not being one of them is the first step toward a happy ending.

Be honest. If he asks you if you know why he pulled you over, and you don't, admit it. If you do, admit that, too.

Ticket: no backtalk! Listen carefully to the instructions.

No ticket: say "thank you." Your tax dollars pay his meager wage, and his stopping you is evidence of him doing his job.

The cop is carefully trained to do a difficult, dangerous job, and him actually doing it often involves interacting with people who are stepping outside the bounds of acceptable behavior - which includes speeding. Entirely too many people think they have a right to drive - this is so not the case. Driving is a privilege granted by the local government, and can be rescinded at need by the same authority. Your applying for and use of the license is tacit acceptance of that authority, the privileged nature of the license, and the limitations it represents.