Don't Sweat it, Offset it

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Enterprise, National and Alamo are offering the largest carbon offset program in rental car history, which isn't saying that much. Eco-friendly persons who don't want to take the bus/train can opt to pay $1.25 on top of the cost of the rental (plus insurance, gas fees, et cetera) and the companies will match that amount up to $1 million in carbon offsetts. The plan will be administered by TerraPass, which is an industry leader in letting people buy their way out of their eco-guilt. No word yet on whether Hertz or other rental car companies will offer a similar plan, but it wouldn't surprise us. [Environmental Leader].

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this has gotten SO popular, and not just with cars. There are simply websites that merely exist to take your guilt ridden money in exchange for you to live a "carbon neutral" lifestyle. (basically changing nothing in your life, but giving some money to a company). I wont even repost links to the sites because its such a scam.

What they say they do is plant trees with your money. But your money also pays for that website, its admins, secretaries to take calls, and im sure the guys who started it managed to buy an Escalade or two.

So there ya go, environmentalism that can pay by praying on misinformed, guilty folks. I think Im on the wrong side of the argument...