Don't Shine Lasers At Planes Unless You Want To Injure Pilots

We are always warned not to shine a laser at a plane as it's flying overhead. In case you didn't know why, it's because it's dangerous.

A green laser got into the eye of a JetBlue pilot on Sunday night and caused an eye injury, according to NYC Aviation.


The plane was en route from Syracuse, NY to JFK Airport when the incident was reported. The plane landed without any problems.

JetBlue has not divulged the seriousness of the injury to the pilot and have just called it "minor." But, obviously, any eye injury while piloting a plane is not a positive thing.

There are also major fines for people that are caught shining pointers into planes. They start at $11,000 and can even lead to jail time.

So, um, don't do it.

Photo Credit: Pylon757 via flickr

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