Don't Forget The 2-Stroke Oil! DKWs For '64

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Dampf-Kraft-Wagen! One of the all-time great car-company names was phased out by Auto Union not long after this jaunty ad for the '64 DKW F11, F12, and F12 Roadster came out.

Grab the dog, pack the picnic lunch, and top off the two-stroke oil tank, because it's time for a trip to the mountains in the Dampf-Kraft-Wagen!

Update: It turns out that the Dampf-Kraft-Wagen name was phased out not long after the steam era ended. Here's some info from the DKW Club Of America prez:

Thanks for posting the ad, but the name "Dampf Kraft Wagen" was phased out long before the DKW Junior was on the drawing board. When Jorgen Rasmussen called his first automobile in 1916, it was steam powered, and thus a "steam driven car". Although the use of the initials "DKW" continued until Auto Union was bought by VW from Mercedes (and, actually a bit after that as some dirt bikes were made with the DKW name)....the words behind the initials changed. After Rasmussen abandoned the steam car, they produced a small hobby engine (DKW = Das Knaben Wunsch or "a boy's wish") and then when they began building cars (including the F1 front-wheel drive car built in 1931) (DKW = Das Kleine Wunder or "The Small Wonder"). They also made refrigerators under the moniker "Das Kuhle Wunder".
Thanks for posting the ad, though. As a friend of mine said as we sailed along to a local cruise night...."it's impossible NOT to smile while driving in this car"