Don't Film The Hells Angels Because They Will Destroy Your Window

If you’re just hanging with your bros, your dudes, your fellows or what have you, you might think it’s fun to take a little video of a passing Hells Angels gang. You might think it’s innocent. But the Hells Angels have a reputation to maintain, so they’ll smash in your fucking window.

But the best part about this video isn’t the mundanity of seeing a real-life patched 1%er motorcycle club. It’s the witty, sharp, and inadvertently hilarious commentary:

Hells Angels dude.


Aw dude, it is Hells Angels.



What happened?

The window shattered.

What did?

The window!

Who did that?

I don’t know!

Dude, what the FUCK man?!

Who did that, and what, indeed.

Photo credit: AP

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