Don't Do What This Guy Did On A Japanese Train

Japanese train doors shut rather quickly, but they usually warn you with a a jingle. That jingle is a lot like a yellow light. It should be understood to mean, “the train is leaving, don’t bother,” but many people instead think of it as “run, run, run! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!” This is one of the few times where the result is funny.

Usually the result isn’t funny. I’ve seen people get caught in doors. I’ve seen people lose items. I’ve seen people smooshed up against each other, against seats, against doors, and I’ve seen creepy dudes take advantage of the situation to assault women and play it off. It’s not particularly amusing.


This, however, is pretty amusing. Even more so because of the accompanying caption which says, “Wooooooooow, do your best, Backpack!!!!!!!”

Even if this is funny, please don’t do this, it’s incredible dangerous. Make sure you keep all of your bags close to your person as you hurry onto the train. If this happens to you, at the very best, you may get a stern talking to from the station attendants. At the worst, you could end up caught in a way which is dangerous to yourself or to others and my require the train to be stopped.

You don’t want to be that guy that holds up the world famous on-time Japanese trains.

Image/Caption via rreeeen92/Twitter.

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