Don't Deny The AMC Eagle's Off-Road Awesomeness

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It's a truck! It's a wagon! It's sort of the worst of both, but somehow the AMC Eagle is strangely appealing.

I was really hoping to find some high-quality clip of an Eagle wagon kicking ass in the dirt. You know, something on par with Civic Attack Wagon? But alas, every off-road adventure starring a soarin' Eagle seems to have been shot with a first-gen Moto Razr by somebody trembling with terror. So above is the best we've got.


But let me remind you that the Eagle once wore racing livery, a bunch of headlights, and posed for press photos. Ergo it must have been a real performer. Did you know the 1982 model could switch between 4WD and RWD via "Select Drive" technology? Truuuck yeah, buddy!

I hope you all kept this in mind when you placed your vote in today's round of the Jalopnik March Madness Beat-Off. But I won't lie, I love the International Scout so much I've forced myself to play devil's advocate in this round of voting. Should ease the burn when the Scout inevitably gets knocked out of the bracket.

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Didn't they make a wagon version of this too?