Don't Cut Your Fenders Just Tie a 70 Pound Kettlebell to Your Wheel And Bash Them Into Submission

Screenshot: Garage 54 ENG (YouTube)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you chained a 70 pound kettlebell onto the wheel of a Russian wagon? Of course not. Nobody has. But the brilliant auto experimenters at Garage 54 ENG decided to find out anyway. And the result is painful to watch—well, if you’re into VAZ 2102s, as you should be.

Vlad from YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG is a bit of a nut-job, conducting wild car experiments that often involve making wheels or tires out of household materials. But this time, the Russian’s automotive stunt is a bit more “out there”: He chained two kettlebells to the rear wheels of a VAZ wagon:

It’s a fairly random “experiment,” but the results are a lot of fun. The ride quality from the horribly unbalanced wheels was apparently so bad, Vlad had to step out of the car and let someone else take over.


The kettlebells hollowed out the wheel arches, making this wagon look a bit like some of the 4x4s I’ve seen at off-road parks. The differential also appears to have blown up, and the steel wheel bent up like a can of beans (though the tire still looks inflated?).

It’s not particularly scientific, it doesn’t really answer a question many of us have ever asked, and frankly, it’s dumb.

But it’s also a lot of fun to watch.

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