Don't Bury Kevin Rose's Custom Moped

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Digg founder Kevin Rose is so rich he can have any vehicle he wants. He chose this chromed-out 1977 Puch Maxi moped, but he hasn't even seen it yet. So Kevin, here it is, your sweet new ride.

Kevin bought the ‘ped online from a seller in Ohio as a non-running pile of rust, then shipped it to San Francisco to have 1977 Mopeds fix it up. They fully restored it, then made it better than new with a chrome finish and a 74cc big bore kit. Now that the engine's the size of almost three shot glasses, it's actually kind of fast.

Using a mix of pedal and engine power, the guys at 1977 say, "It rips up to 50mph in less than a block."


Mopeds are popular for one main reason: in California you can ride them on a motorcycle learners permit and insure them super cheaply, as long as they aren't capable of going over 30 MPH. Also, you can park them on the sidewalk and ride between lanes of stationary cars, a huge advantage in a crowded city like San Francisco. You can't take mopeds on highways.

And while mopeds may sounds like eco-friendly transportation, Kevin's custom Puch is anything but. It uses a two-stroke (think weed whacker) motor that burns oil along with the fuel and is fitted with a custom open exhaust called the "Motomatic Destroyer."


[Special thanks to 1977 Mopeds]