Don't Build A Wind Tunnel At Home Because They Generate Earthquakes

Wind tunnels are way more complicated than one would think, but here's Willem Toet, Sauber F1's Head of Aerodynamics explaining how you should build one if you want to avoid generating earthquakes while testing.


Aerodynamics is more important than ever in the automotive industry, and no car maker is better at it than a Formula-1 team which also happened to win at Le Mans before switching to the open-wheelers in 1993.

Sauber F1's wind tunnel in Switzerland uses a 3 megawatt fan, and here's what happens when it's in action for a week. Lasers are involved, naturally.

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Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)

Note to self: planned particle accelerator in back yard might not be such a good idea than first thought. Revision of plans now at Priority #1.