Donkey Tries To Eat McLaren, Causes $6,800 In Damage

Markus Zahn and his McLaren Spider. Image: Carolin Eckenfels/dpa via AP

Around this time last year, Markus Zahn, owner of an orange McLaren Spider, parked this beloved car near an enclosure where Vitus, a donkey, lives. Vitus, apparently mistaking the car for a carrot, tried to eat the rear of the car, leaving the McLaren with $6,800 in damage, according to the BBC. Today, a court in Giessen, Germany, ordered Vitus’s owners to pay for it.

The car is said to be worth around $365,000. There’s no word how much Vitus is worth. According to the Associated Press, Zahn sued Vitus’s owners after they refused to reimburse him for the damage, arguing, among other things, that Zahn should’ve chose a different parking spot. They also argued that it may not have been Vitus’s fault at all. Maybe so, but just look at this guy:

Vitus. Image: Hit Radio FFH/dpa via AP

Aww. Who could stay mad at that face? Vitus! You rascal.

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