Doking XD: Croatia’s finest track-ready electric automobile

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"Designed as a luxury city car, build for race track," says Zagreb's newest car company in broken English. The 240 HP Doking XD will allegedly transport three human beings to 62 MPH in 4.2 seconds, all while sitting McLaren F1-style.


Clearly the neatest thing in the LA Auto Show basement, the all-electric XD is sort of a best-of hitlist of car components. Four in-wheel motors kick out a total of 531 lb-ft of torque. You climb in through scissor doors. The brake lights are Xs and the turn signals are arrows. Doking imported its booth babes from Croatia, so they're ridiculously, extraordinarily hot. Happy to chat, too. (Pics or didn't happen — Ed.)

So how does this hardcore trackday car avoid flipping over? It sandwiches its 33 kWh/705-lb LiPo battery pack inside the floor Commuter Cars Tango-style. That's enough capacity to give it a 136-mile range at 55 MPH.

"XD is my childhood dream," says Doking CEO Vjekoslave Majetic. "Share it with me."


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