Doing Yosemite In A Lamborghini Diablo

Whatever Lamborghini will unveil later this week in Paris, here’s a reminder just how eternal a Lamborghini is. In particular, a Diablo from 20 years ago.

The essential, delicious paradox of Lamborghini is this: In spite of their radical, punk aesthetics, they are possible the most conservative carmaker in the world.


Consider: Every V12 supercar they’ve made since 1971 is essentially a minor upgrade on Marcello Gandini’s original Countach LP500 prototype—and every one of those supercars have used a direct descendant of the V12 engine designed by Giotto Bizzarrini in 1963.

So this gallery of a road trip in a red Diablo with Hoops and Yoyo doing some of the driving could be of any Lamborghini made in the past 40 years. A rather comforting thought in these wild days of the automobile.

Photo Credit: Rod MacGregor

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