Dogs Are The Only People Worth Marketing Private Jets To Now

Dogs! They're people too! Except they're more people than you are, because they are the only people worth marketing private jets to nowadays, because you are poor.

Private jet-sharing companies like NetJets and FlexJet are engaging in a big push to get you to fly your dog, the same dog that eats garbage because he doesn't give a crap because he's a dog, in a private jet, according to Bloomberg Businessweek:

Pull up, the site for the company that lets travelers buy or lease part of a plane, and you won't see a square-jawed businessman crunching through a spreadsheet at 30,000-feet; you'll see a young boy in an opulent leather seat, curled around a yellow Lab puppy, with both sleeping soundly. It's a fairly adorable picture that makes a weary traveler want to run out and buy one—a puppy, that is, plus a cozy Gulfstream (GD) for it to sleep in.


NetJets alone flew 14,400 animals on more than 10,000 flights, which is more than 10,000 more private jet flights than you will ever take in your life.

NetJets is owned by Warren Buffet, and he is a man who knows a good deal when he sees one, so get your dog on a Gulfstream G650 right now. Warren Buffet is a billionaire.

Just remember, if you want to avoid being tainted with the scent of poors completely and you don't care what it costs, you can always buy your very own private jet. They're a great bargain.


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