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Does Wired Hate Cars?

Umm, does Wired hate cars or something? [Wired]


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Well I hate to go off on a rant but...

The problem here isn't that the cities have favored the automobile but society has moved away from the cities into an unsustainable model of suburbia.

We subsidized a white suburban way of life that allowed people to work in an area that they didn't want to live in then drive away to an area they deemed "safe" enough to live (read not entirely "unsegregated").

The taxpayers paid for the roads, the infrastructures and the roads while the contractors and realtors and developers made all the cash that was financed by people that bought things they couldn't afford.

Now that the house of cards is coming apart worldwide we're going to see a contraction begin where people are going to have to start coming back to where the jobs are and stop the sprawl. Either that or the suburban areas are going to turn into war zones where anyone that tries to repossess anything will be shot at.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.