Does the world's greatest road course only exist in a game?

The team at Turn 10 Studios tried to design the best road race course ever for Forza Motorsport 4. The result? The all-new Bernese Alps track. Here's a first look at the track and how they made the magic happen.

This behind-the-scenes video chronicles the meticulous creation of the all-new Bernese Alps track in "Forza Motorsport 4," showcasing how the folks at Turn 10 Studios were able to use real world environments and bring them into the process of designing the course.


I've driven the virtual track myself and I can tell you it combines some brilliant turns, curves and surfaces to create a track that can go from easy to impossible depending on the car being driven, the level of driver aids used, and the loop being run. Like the famous Nürburgring, this course too features multiple loops.

In fact, I sort of feel like this course is like an Alps-based Nürburgring. Does that mean it's the best road course ever? That's totally subjective. But it's definitely in my list of the top five — and it's certainly a gorgeous road course to immerse yourself into.

Make the call for yourself when you see it live this October.

Full Disclosure: Turn 10 Studios and Jalopnik readers teamed up on two DLC packs for Forza Motorsport 3 and we're working with them for some similar team-ups for Forza Motorsport 4. We're not getting paid anything for this relationship. It's mostly just because we think the franchise is awesome.

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