Riding motorcycles in Los Angeles is not for squeamish Stevens. And yet, their ability to split lanes and slice through heavy traffic, legally in California, make small motorcycles the best way to get around LA's sprawl. But are the mean streets of Los Angeles too much for them?

As Wes, Grant and Jamie point out in this week's episode of RideApart, America loves big motorcycles, but those bikes make navigating difficult, cumbersome and frustrating for both experienced bikers and noobs. So, the three take to the congested streets of LA — and in the often-filmed Los Angeles River Channel — to find out just how much better a smaller bike can be.

But which one to choose? Will it be the stylish Cleveland CycleWerks 250? The sporty Honda CBR 250? The hoon's choice — the Suzuki DR-Z? How about all three. They also find out whether or not Los Angeles eats small bikes alive, or whether that was just the plot of an Ed Wood movie.