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Does "El Camino" Work For The New Pontiac G8 Sport Truck?

Illustration for article titled Does El Camino Work For The New Pontiac G8 Sport Truck?

God only knows what else may be going on in the world because we're busy here bringing you the latest in El Camino goodness for today's Maximum El Camino Day celebrating the new 2010 Pontiac G8 "El Camino" sport truck. However there may be some dissent in the ranks on the name, or at least there's been some comments to that effect so far. So we guess the question for today is probably pretty obvious given the nature of the discussion we've seen so far on this extremely important subject.


We're obviously pushing the "El Camino" name pretty hard and there's a reason for it. We spoke with the guys over at the National El Camino Owners Association (NECOA), we spoke with Mike Levine over at, the guys at GM and we spoke with each other. I feel like the right name was chosen, but now it's time to hear from you — was the right name chosen for Jalopnik to push as the name for the new ute?


***Remember to go and vote today for "El Camino!"

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

@Uncle_Bo: It's all good.. More of a rant towards everyone (yesterday, and today) whom seem to think that name is dead in the market.

Taurus was ground breaking in it's 1st gen... but then ford slowly ruined it to what people remember it when it died. When the El Camino died, it didn't go down the same sorry path as the Taurus.

As far as those names, purely from SUVs right? Besides the ones that have stuck wth GM since it's early days (Sierra was a trim level of the late 60s, early 70s C/K trucks. Same with Silverado. Blazer/Jimmy being the shorty 2-door hard tops). Now days used to convay the same excuse most the buyers who truly don't need it's excuse (because it can do it)

But, when I was drawing this, the 1st question I got at school from kids (freshmen included), was "Is that an El Camino?"

My idea of a future el Camino... Pulling some off the last SS.