Does Doing Donuts In A New Nissan GT-R Void The Warranty?

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So now that we've learned how turning off the VDC to use the lanuch control on the 2009 Nissan GT-R can void its warranty, we're wondering if that would also include hoonage like this smoke session. Lucky for this guy, he "bought it brand new just 2 hav fun and burn rubber in. warranty dosent matter and money is not the crteria here!!!! if u know wat im sayin!!" Word. Video after the jump.

[YouTube via CBA-R35]



I'm a little aggravated. I'm a pretty smart guy - didn't finish college, but that was money-limited, not brains-limited. Still haven't finished and probably never will - too busy working. But I bust my ass on a regular basis doing stuff that needs doing and drive the only new vehicle I ever bought, and that's old enough to drink and vote now (Green party, but I'm told it can't vote since it never registered. WTF? I have the registration right here!) And that's what I can afford.

Now here's doucheboy in training hooning a car whose sticker outruns the list price on my house - my house has gained value since, but anyway - tearing the crap out of what could be an excellent racing vehicle, just for the hell of it. The words he writes to describe his endeavors are so poorly executed they barely qualify as English and his associates don't sound any smarter. They've got just enough on the ball to manage the whole three-pedals-on-the-floor thing and push the little red button on the camcorder.

So I guess the upshot of my little life-ain't-fair tirade is, what do these dipshits do for money? How can someone this stupid make enough money to thrash such an expensive car and not care about it?

I'm guessing that it's people like GTR Boy that are fueling the financial crisis. "Oops I broke it. And I lost my cushy union-protected job at the steel mill. I guess I'll have to stop making payments on it since it isn't any fun anymore." Except if he ever writes it all down, it won't be spelled as well.

Okay, rant over.