Dodge's parade of Viper special editions continues with the not-at-all-street-legal, track-ready 2010 Dodge Viper ACR-X — the 640 HP "value" race-prepped Viper.

Under the hood, the ACR-X is essentially the Dodge Viper ACR with 640 HP courtesy of new headers and a low-restriction exhaust system. For your money you also get a track-tuned suspension with roll-cage, fuel cell, race seat and other competition parts. At $30K off the price of a Viper Competition Coupe it's a great cost savings — at least that's how we're going to pitch buying one to Wert as the official Jalopnik staff vehicle.

UPDATE: Some of you were curious as to why this isn't technically street legal. According to Chrysler, the lack of airbags and the unrestricted exhaust system are the culprits.


Here's the full scoop from Chrysler PR:

Dodge proudly introduces the Viper ACR-X, a combination of the record-setting, street-legal Viper ACR and the championship-winning Viper Competition Coupe. The Viper ACR-X utilizes the 600 horsepower ACR as a starting point and with the aid of headers and a low-restriction exhaust system pushes it to a pavement-pounding 640 horsepower. The suspension is upgraded and tuned solely for the track, optimizing its performance on the toughest road courses. Additional aerodynamic upgrades improve downforce, help stability and improve grip in high-speed corners.

This car was not designed for Sunday cruisers. This is a purpose-built race car, created for serious racers only who demand serious speed and performance. The Viper ACR-X, similar to the Viper Competition Coupe, boasts safety features including a factory-designed roll cage, fuel cell, and race seat. Additional racing components have been included to meet the added durability and reliability requirements for competition. With its impressive performance and safety features, no other race car can match the value of the ACR-X – all at a price point very close to that of the street ACR while just a fraction of the cost of the track-only Viper Competition Coupe. Call Viper Race Headquarters at (888) 960-3333 for more information.