Dodge This! Europe's Getting A New Caliber of CUV

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Dodge is taking direct aim at the European market with the Caliber, their new entry-level CUV. With prices of just under 13,000 euros not-including VAT for the 1.8-litre version and over 18,800 euros for the higher-powered version with a 2-litre turbodiesel. Dodge's claim to have more horsepower per euro than rivals brings up the question of which demographic Dodge may be looking for — especially because Dodge is such an unknown brand across the pond. Here's our guess for what they'll be looking for:

• Men, average age of 39.
• Likes import brands.
• Watches late-night television and spends loads of time surfing the internet.
• Randomly have like, money flowing out of their tightly clenched euro bums, because they're gonna need 18,800 euros worth of disposable income to buy this "entry-level" sports wagon.


Also it probably wouldn't hurt if they could translate episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard to euro-speak.

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