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Dodge Dart SRT4: Is This It?

Illustration for article titled Dodge Dart SRT4: Is This It?

Dodge will be showing a new GT variant of the Dart at the Detroit Auto Show next week, which is basically a renamed version of the R/T that was supposed to debut in 2012.


But what about the hot rodded SRT version of the Dart? It looks like one just broke cover all sneaky like on the internets..

This grainy image is supposedly what the SRT4 Dart will look like when it is shown to the public. We are expecting the car to have as much as 300 horsepower going to as few as two and as many as four wheels. Three-wheel drive, while unlikely, is a possibility.


Of course, this design doesn't have Dodge's trademark crosshair grill. Then again, it is quite dark, so perhaps we just can't see it and it's lurking in the shadows.

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That's not half bad. It's a shame they never moved forward with the Hornet concept. They really should have done this car in a hatch. I think it would have sold that much better.