Dodge "Crew": Now With Interior Photos!

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The sneaky spy photographers of KGP happened upon yet another Dodge Crew crossovers out testing in the hot summer sun. Whereas last time they got us some great shots of the overall exterior, this time it's all about the interior and the taillights of the new crossover, originally called JC49, first anticipated to be seen in the Euro market. Here's what KGP has to say:

The dashboard design looks quite underwhelming, although we would guess that this prototype isn't finished in its final production plastics. At least we hope that's the case. The three-pod layout to the guage package looks a bit retro. The overall equipment level of this prototype seems pretty basic—not necessarily a bad thing, however, in a world of overly complex driver interfaces...

A large binnacle sits centrally on the dash-top, representing either a large storage space, or perhaps a pop-up LCD screen for a Navigation system.

We question some of the ergonomics we see in the JC49's interior, especially the prominent placement of the HVAC controls while the stereo sits very low in the center stack. The stereo does seem to have an AUX plug-in for MP3 players, however.


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