Dodge Challenger Super Stock Racer On Sale In March

Illustration for article titled Dodge Challenger Super Stock Racer On Sale In March

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Dodge's turnkey drag racer Challenger Super Stock. But now Allpar is saying the Super Stock is going to be available sooner than expected. This doorslammer, which serves up the quarter-mile in 11 seconds, may be available to buyers as soon as March, over-the-counter, without a prescription.


The straight-line special sheds weight by using components such as a composite hood and a lightweight front brake assembly. Basic amenities, including windshield wipers, power windows, sound deadening and rear seats, are also deleted in a quest for lightness. Altogether, the hardcore Challenger has lost about 800 lbs.—and its street legality. So c'mon GM, bring us a stripped-down Camaro with the ZR1's LS9 and really heat up the Muscle Car Wars. [via Allpar]

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Rob Emslie

Out-effing-standing. How easy is this thing to tub?