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If you don't intend to try and hoon your rental Taurus, you might wonder if you're covered in the case of unintentional damage. We've heard many versions of how rental car coverage works, including a belief that you do not need car insurance when you're in your home state, when you've got a good driving record and if you're first name is Ted. The truth lies nowhere in between.

According to the Boston Globe, many personal auto insurance plans actually cover most, if not all, of the damages. You'll have to call your agent to check, but it should be included in most comprehensive plans. It's also possible that your credit card covers the damage, with American Express offering a coverage plan. If your credit card company automatically doesn't offer the service, you might want to check to see if it is an option as it may be cheaper than what the rental companies offer. If nothing you're enrolled in covers it, then you might want to consider some options[Boston Globe]


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