Do Ya Think The '86 Mercury Is Sexy?

One thing about Rod Stewart allowing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" to be used in a Mercury ad- it's not a sellout. That's because Rod Stewart was born sold out! Just listening to that herpes-and-Ludes anthem while eyeballing those hot mid-eighties Mercury-drivin' hausfraus really makes us want to get our hair cut behind the aquarium, if you know what we mean and we think you do. However, we can't help but think that Mercury should have had the guts to go with a different version of the song: the NSFW version you'll find if you but make the jump...

Imagine if the Revolting Cocks had become Mercury's official spokesband! Why, they'd have released the Beers, Steers, and Queers Edition Mercury Mountaineer by now, propelling Mercury to sales figures previously thought impossible!

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