Do We Want the New Scirocco?

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Look, we hate to ever agree with a car dealer about anything, but... we've driven the new Volkswagen GTI. Although we would have liked more power and a rear-wheel drive bias in the GTI, the R32, set to drop this August, will take care of our dual needs quite nicely. The ice cream sandwich's chance in hell of coming to America R36 would fill 'em in even more, um, nicely. Which forces us to admit that VW dealers might have a point. Seriously, the GTI and the Scirocco share the same Golf Rabbit platform and peppy 2.0-liter turbo engine. The only difference between the two is the body and the ride height. I mean, do we really want this thing? And if we do, why?

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Al Navarro

You had to post one with Euro bumpers and lights, didn't old Euro lights on the 16v had 2 settings: low beam/too dim to see more than 25 feet ahead, and hi-beam/solar flare...the latter was impossibly bright and possibly not DOT-legal.

I say bring it back, for nostalgia and style points, mostly. (Funny how I don't feel that way about the Taurus.) Looking back, here's why I got the Scirocco and not the GTI: it was availble with the hot motor before the GTI was and it looked cooler. Was it the first US car with the Fuba D roof mount antenna? Perhaps. For the new 'roc to succeed, I think you have to pull the r32/36 so it can be the top VW 2 door.