Do The LA Auto Show With Jalopnik

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Next week's LA Auto Show is going to be huge, leaving us with this choice: cover only certain items in depth or cover everything briefly. This year we want to do both, but we need your help.


With the LA Auto show approaching we want to bring balance back to the force by giving the show back to the enthusiasts. How? Maybe you've noticed, but there are only three of us around on the weekdays and there are a lot of new cars to cover out at L.A. and we could use a little help.

We're going to continue using our editors to cover the exciting, interesting and awesome cars at the show with more depth and attention than they usually get from automotive websites rushing to get everything up. But we're seeking a few intern "floor reporters" to help us make sure nothing gets missed in case you're really excited about that new Chrysler facelift.

There's also going to be a more interactive LA Auto Show tagpage, similar to what you're already familiar with, that we're going to use to cover whatever we see as it happens for those news junkies who need a fix. Even better, we're giving everyone access to this page so commenters can ask questions and we can send our intern floor reporters out to get answers.

To do this we're going to need your help. We need intern floor reporters in the Southern California willing to take a day or two off to join us during LA Auto Show media days on November 17th and 18th. All you need is the time and a smartphone capable of commenting on Jalopnik and a laptop, although a real DSLR wouldn't hurt. We'll set you up, provide guidance, and get you access to the show and possibly an afterparty or two.

Don't worry, the crack staff at Jalopnik will still continue to cover the show, bringing you the important and strange news, we're just enhancing our coverage.

If you think you fit the bill, email us and explain in 100 words or less why you'd make a good floor reporter and what skills you bring to our experiment. Please include the equipment you have (phone, cameras, computer), links to any relevant work, an example of your photographic skill, and Jalopnik commenter ID if you have one to tips at jalopnik dot com with with the subject "LA Auto Show Floor Reporter" by this Sunday, November 14th at 8 PM EST and we'll let you know if we can use your services.

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The payment is life experience and the chance to meet a booth professional while having the time of your life.



The last car show I went to, ever so long ago, I asked the pretty woman in the clingy black miniskirt, "Say, do you suppose can you get this Infiniti" (the lovely J30 with the rounded front and rear) "with a stickshift?" and she promptly replied, "No, the only Infiniti available with a manual is this" (pointing)(lesser and unlovely) "G20." Professional and knowledgeable! I was impressed.