Do people actually get new cars for Christmas?

If you own a television, chances are over the past month you've seen at least one commercial showing someone waking up Christmas morning to be surprised with a brand new car. This weekend we want to know if you think this scenario actually plays itself out in real life on a semi-regular basis or if it is mostly just a marketing myth dreamed up by people who work in advertising.

Have you ever heard about, witnessed or experienced the joy of Christmas morning with a new set of wheels in the driveway? Are cars for Christmas something that ever happens outside of the world of the über-wealthy? If so, why do car companies insist on trying to convince the world this is a regular holiday tradition? Do people actually get new cars for Christmas?


By the semi-ranting tone of this Question of the Weekend, you've likely already figured out how I feel about the issue—I think it is an unbelievably rare occurrence. Beyond the fact plunking down the cash for a new car or financing someone's Christmas gift for the next 5 years isn't the most realistic scenario for a lot of people, we imagine finding such a large bow is no small task.

Even after you've figured out a way to pay for and decorate your 4 wheeled Christmas present, getting a car into the driveway or garage undetected on Christmas Eve seems like it would present its own set of logistical challenges. Maybe we are missing out on a world of affluent and crafty gift givers, but the whole scenario seems pretty questionable to us.

What do you think? Are more lucky giftees waking up to new cars Christmas morning than we think or is this mostly an advertising gimmick? Do people actually get new cars for Christmas?

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