Do Not Drive A Suburban Near Utah's Dugway Proving Ground

Illustration for article titled Do Not Drive A Suburban Near Utahs Dugway Proving Ground

Apparently a couple of GI's were out minding their own business, driving a shiny maroon Chevrolet Suburban about five klicks out from the live fire range at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. Unfortunately at 10,000 feet, it's a bit more difficult to discern distance-from-target, and an F-16 pilot in the area thought the Suburban sure looked like fair game, opening up with 70 20mm rounds and totally decimated the SUV all about the 'merican revolution. Fortunately, the only injuries sustained by the occupants were from the flying glass and jumping out of the truck as it was being lit up. Unknown was whether live-fire is covered under the General's new 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. [StrategyPage]


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The 'Burban was five kliks out? What the hell, was the pilot on ludes? That's crappy shooting. He had to blinking extra long or something to lock a target that far outside the box.