Do Cars Need More Color?

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Jaguars should be British Racing Green. Ferraris red. Subarus Subaru Rally Blue. Lamborghinis ought to be painted neon orange or invisible brown. Mercedes-Benz? Silver. BMW, silver. Audi, silver. Hyundai, silver. Lexus, silver. Nissan, silver, etc. Point is, there ain't as much color in the car world as there might be. This observation let reader UDMan to write:

After reading about the Cadillac CTS [here and here] I noticed that the cars color was up for ridicule. I noted that at least the car had color, given the choice of several shades of Gray they offer today, and maybe one blue and one red.

I remember when there was at least 12 colors to choose from when you looked at purchasing a vehicle. So I would like to know, would you like a greater choice in color offerings when it comes to purchasing a new car?

I realize that with today's manufacturing constraints that there has to be a top 6 or 7 when it comes to color choices, but please, can't we have choices that are not light gray, medium gray, dark gray, silver, black, white, red or blue? How about a green (or 2), what happened to Browns, Beige, Tan, or Gold? What about a cream, or a teal, or a plum, raspberry, lime, orange, peach, or even chocolate? Tobacco Brown, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Sapphire, Azure, or even Ruby would all be great colors to offer. I even like the Vanilla that Chrysler now offers (kind of a yellow white). And what about multi tones? Yes that one really shows my age, but why not?

The boy raises some good points. Though, for those us with eccentrically painted cars (hi mom!) part of the thrill is that we stand out. I enjoy driving one of the few fluorescent blue station wagons on the road. If everyone else did the same, I'd be sad. You?

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It does seem that 80% of a certain model are always a certain color. A few examples of older ones:

late 80's early 90s Honda Accord, Dark blue

Honda del sol, green

early 90's Geo Prizm/Toyota Corrola, dark green

Infinity Q45 (1st gen) white

ANY Mercedes (in the last 10 years), silver

Maybe that is just because I have know people with some of these cars and think I see them on the road, get closer and realize it isn't them.