DMX Busted For Doing 114 MPH In A 1966 Chevy Nova II

Rapper DMX was arrested on Wednesday stemming from a speeding incident in January on Arizona's Loop 101. Normally, a celebrity caught speeding wouldn't merit much in the way of newsworthiness but this story has a few interesting details. First, DMX was arrested and charged with multiple crimes including speeding, reckless driving, endangerment and driving on a suspended license. Second, he was driving more than 114 mph at one point when recorded by cameras. Third, he was in a 1966 Chevy Nova II. A Yellow 1966 Chevy Nova II. And how did they ever deduce that it was DMX driving? Other than the images of DMX driving the car, there was one other little giveaway.

it seems that DMX likes people to know which yellow Chevy Nova II is his, so he had "DMX" put on his front windshield in big yellow letters. Or maybe it was because he'd always go into parking lots, and forget which yellow Nova II was his. No word on who the female in the car is, but we're presuming she was a bit disappointed that DMX didn't show up in a Lamborghini. [AP via Fox News, TMZ]


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