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DIY EFI Finkbuilt Bimmer Project Done!

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As we seem to comment every time we post on something that Finkbuilt Steve has put up, we simply don't check his site often enough. A half-year ago or so, we noted that he was putting together an open-source Megasquirt- controlled EFI system for his BMW 2002. Well, now he's done, but for tweaks here and there to the software, and as he notes, "Finally, my once high-tech sports sedan can keep up with today's econo-box hybrids."


Fuel Injection Conversion Complete [Finkbuilt]

DIY EFI: BMW 2002 Fuel-Injection Conversion [Internal]

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This is good to see- I've been contemplating doing a Megasquirt setup for some time... dreams of building a hoontastic all-junkyard turbocharged 292 and stuffing it into a beater (insert name of smog-exempt Detroit shitbox here). Hoseclamps and duct tape! Volvo intercoolers!