Illustration for article titled Distracted Miami police officer drives cop car up a pole

A police officer in Miami somehow avoided injury this morning after a momentary distraction led him to drive up a utility pole, trapping him in his patrol car. Oh to be the firefighter responding to that scene.

Miami police have yet to release a name for the officers who crashed his car into a pole early this morning near NW 6th Avenue and 67th Street. All they've said is he was momentarily distracted and made it out of the car without any injury.


But what of the constant ribbing he received? That's gotta hurt.

It's been a banner year for cops in the Miami area, what with their showdown with the Florida Highway Patrol and off-duty cops found drunk in squad cars.

If you're curious how someone drives up and not into a pole just look at the guy wire underneath the car, which doubles as support for the utility lines and a ramp for the car.


(Hat tip to MilwaukeeSlows!)

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