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Our boy Ray hipped us to this exchange between our illustrious president and the DetroitWonk's former sugarmomma, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who like Ahnuld, is foreign-born and once appeared on The Dating Game. And no, she wasn't that kinda sugarmomma. He usta work for the Gov, so stop thinkin' dirty. Anyway, 'nuffs on the Gov, because the real words here come from the scion of Bush 41's errant empire, via JennyJenJen, via the Freep: "She also said she spoke of the state s auto industry but said the president told her, I can t make your automakers profitable. [Emphasis added.] Dude, seriously, George. We mean really. We know it's an obvious statement to make, but here goes nothin': Fuck you.


Bush tours Auburn Hills plant [Detroit Free Press via DetroitWonk]

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