Dirty Thirties: Cressida Wagon Fantasies

Sometimes, this being single business engulfs one in pathetic "If I Only Had a Girlfriend" fantasies. Having crested 30, these have taken on an oddly domestic bent. Oh, sure, there're still the travels-through-foreign-lands fantasies. The caf s, the Texas and Irish countrysides, the socialist-workwear-and-hand-tools fetish play. But a ridiculously mint Toyota Cressida wagon just rolled by. It had two rear-window wipers! Two! And cute, stubby little mudguards! And a rear bumper so shelfishly massive that we'd wager it'd hold a good portion of the content of the Library of Congress. Or Amoeba Records' Southern California location. If we had a girlfriend, we would buy her this Cressida we saw today, make her a mixtape that ran Mates of State's "Ha Ha" into Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" into Accept's "Fast as a Shark" and roll off into the sunset in Toyotatastic bliss. Station wagon girls are hot.

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