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Dirty Man Nico Rosberg Almost Missed Wimbledon Because He Wasn't Wearing Any Damn Socks

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Just two years after Lewis Hamilton was barred from viewing the Wimbledon final from the prestigious Royal Box for his attire, former teammate Nico Rosberg almost met the same fate because he left his nasty sweaty pegs sockless.


That’s right, England has rules, dammit. You don’t get to watch the Wimbledon championships in any old trampy get up—no, there’s a full guidebook each guest invited to view the match from the Royal Box has to adhere to, and Nico Rosberg almost didn’t make the cut.


Rosberg was alerted to the disgraceful faux pas during an interview with Wimbledon’s in-house radio station, according to BT Sport, and had to leave immediately to find some socks, like a decent, civilized gentleman.

Get your shit together, man. This is TENNIS. We wear SOCKS. The word ‘Royal’ isn’t just there for your ego, mate. Class the fuck up. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can completely let yourself go.

Luckily for Rosberg, they still let him in once he finally covered his sinful ankles. The PR over at Formula One must be fuming. How embarrassing for them.

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This trend of not wearing socks in shoes needs to end. It’s disgusting, sweaty, smelly, ruins shoes, and nobody wants to see your man-ankles poking out underneath your tight-rolled skinny jeans. Unless you’re actually wading in water or on a sailboat you just identify yourself as a disgusting idiot.