Dieses Ist Auto Reggie Bush's?

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His football skills may be divine, but Reggie Bush's taste in cars appears to run more toward the "to err is" side of that deal. The USC running back, likely first-round NFL draft pick and recent endorser of Subway Restaurants, reportedly dropped his first pro-level scratch on a garish ASMA CLS Shark II. The Mercedes CLS tuning package, which debuted at last year's Essen Motor Show, has been called "Vader's helmet" and "the body kit that dare not speak its name" and costs in the hundred-thou range, including the donor car. It almost makes us want to quit blogging so we can smoke pot and sleep in a sweat lodge. Hell, we might just do that anyway.

The Reggie Bush Mercedes CLS [internal]

ASMA Design's Mercedes CLS Shark [internal]


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