Although this 1964 Ford Ranchero may look like your average vintage Ranchero (if there is such a thing), don't be fooled by your first impression. Under the hood of this unassuming car/truck hybrid lurks an equally unassuming but loud and smelly 198ci Nissan Diesel.

It's hard to nail down exactly why engine swaps are so cool, but they are. The combination of engine swaps are nearly limitless and the motivating factors behind them range from common performance upgrade to off-beat personal preference. This Diesel Ranchero was clearly the result of the latter even though the Ebay listing doesn't provide a back story on how this marvelous creation came into existence.

The listing does inform us the smoke spewing power plant now under the Ranchero's hood is a Nissan 198ci SD33 engine. The non turbo version of this engine produced a solid 98 horsepower while making a racket and causing a (diesel) stink. These engines were originally put in forklifts, Jeep J-10s, Nissan Patrols and perhaps most intriguingly International Scout IIs.


If the builder of this diesel Ranchero had Jalopnik street cred in mind, they did well. This Falcon based Ranchero produces a solid score deep in "Bitchin' Camino" territory on the true test of Jalopnik automotive desirability. Between it's hybrid nature, a similar model's screen time in one of the best films ever made and the likely Scout sourced diesel power plant, this weird Ranchero had me at hello. Although the seller is not currently accepting a 1972 Valiant in need of an engine in trade, a guy can dream. You can make owning this diesel a reality and park this oddball in your garage for only $7,900.


(Hat tip to rianocerous!)